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六级阅读冲刺替换词汇 1 temptation appeal attraction lure tempt ****gnetic pierce enter go into insert 2 penetrate stab thrust trouble inconvenience boredom s****rt cheerfully enjoyment happily 3 nuisance brightness intelligence clever 4 merrily wise 5 wit complete total thorough entire stare glare observe peer at cute eager extreme strong active 6 sheer vertical honest responsible moral 7 gaze suggest intend offer state 8 keen 9 upright completely entirely totally utterly 10 propose gentle personally delicate painful soft recommend depend on 11 wholly against in my standpoint in my opinion in my eyes 12 tender occasionally 13 for my part rely on rest on lean on 14 count on 15 object to oppose disagree 16 now and then at times from time to time 17 a succession of a series of a procession of a set of a variety of 18 obligation duty responsibility task mission commitment 19 quiz test examination contest exam unconcerned 20 irrelevant to unrelated to about fashion direction tendency bare nothing 21 tide trend vacant linkage combination 22 hollow empty connection deliberate frankly 23 bond tie explain truly 24 interpret illustrate sincere 25 faithful loyal 1 26 elastic flexible not fixed springy bounced 27 classification categorization sort kind trick 28 scheme plot arrangement plan contribute draft formula suggestion respect proposal dedication give up **** for limit 29 sacrifice pride fame honor reserve 30 glory confess admit recognize 31 acknowledge adjust control restrict isolate 32 regulate keep ****intain preserve 33 retain finally come across encounter happen to original sustain split separate break uprising 34 subject to owing to on account of as confusion 35 come apart as a cause bring about wake 36 by virtue of consequence 37 result in ulti****tely in the end at last kill humorous laughable funny 38 eventually coarse natural **** decline 39 comic raw excite 40 crude rebel against confront stupid chaos disorder confrontation trifles unrefined extremely extraordinarily gigantically 41 revolt stimulate excite motivate riot handwriting signature pen****nship 42 immensely carry out perform do 43 rouse communicate hear from write clash conflict confrontation thrill reduction lessen decrease 44 ****nuscript trigger lead to stimulate 45 execute 46 correspond inflexible awkward all thumbs 47 collision event accident happenings 48 relief episode 49 spark for ever per****nently ever-lasting spur 50 clumsy 51 incident occurrence 52 for good 2 53 to a / some to some extent partly somewhat degree beforehand 54 in advance prior to enemy earlier previously diplo****t proceeding fire install 55 opponent rival aggressive competitor foe intense agent spokes****n 56 ambassador representative gathering kick out lay off forum fit together 57 sack dismiss actually powerful strong 58 assemble fix take care of cheer up 59 fierce violent supervise scatter turbulent forceful lease tough 60 rally meeting sketch convention conference access to symposium seminar ****ke up tolerate 61 practically virtually guarantee in reality in fact flexible in effect in practice equipment 62 nurse look after cook wait on leader in high spirits 63 refreshing cool inspect mood opening dismiss watch over **** monitor spy on flourish borrow drive away encounter difficult 65 break up dispense in private panora**** hard privileged to picture 66 for rent to let subsidy open-minded pension 67 sticky challenging written proof attentive evidence 68 profile outline watchful 69 entitle authorize 70 compensate claim 71 generous liberal 72 receipt warranty 73 alert on guard sensitive 74 appliance instrument utensil installation heat oven 75 roast bake pioneer one in a million 76 champion winner priest 77 leak crack gap hole on the rise bloom 78 thrive boom come across meet sneaky 79 confront face with 80 under the secretly 3 table related relevant concerned undergo 81 involved interrupt explain deliberate ****ss 82 account for go through experience suffer opinion 83 endure pile heap reserve 84 stack viewpoint angle aspect 85 perspective perception guide tour show lead idea drive 86 steer guy fellow boy buddy educate decrease turn down decline relieve 87 lad top cli****x gist essence outline sketch young ****n twist bow zigzag turns 88 lower 89 highlight paste ****ss piece portion part peak knock hit beat attack 90 curve stroke blow glance scan read through glimpse coil veil shell cover hide 91 lump kingdom empire scope field sector universe 92 pat witness prove testimony confirm facility public service usefulness compress clasp demonstration ****rch a series of 93 skim shorten reduce shrink 94 ****sk contract conquer defeat overcome beat conceal 95 realm withdrawal backward decline province 96 verify 97 utility 98 parade 99 condense withdraw 10 lick 0 colonize 10 recession 1 4 10 local provincial narrow-scoped partial earnings 2 benefits interests gains symbol 10 stake label sign trade****rk 3 solve 10 tag tackle deal with cope with 4 ****ster referee adviser coach code comeback 10 dispose react response reply 5 deliver spread send broadcast get around so 10 tutor therefore consequently thus 6 design pattern scheme plan consultant columnist vain 10 feedback newspaper****n correspondent empty not genuine 7 blank vacant fake indispensable artificial ****n-****de decisive picture answer key critical illustration fragment 10 transmit chart graph section target 8 share part promise sincerely guarantee warrant objective popularize designation end busy with 10 hence engage in occupied with earnestly 9 honestly candidly as a result 110 for****t arrangement 111 journalist 112 vacuum 113 synthetic **** crucial 115 diagram 116 portion 117 insure 118 terminal 119 sign up 12 frankly 0 5 12 offer provide come up with produce give 1 devotion dedication **** for furnish trained tamed 12 sacrifice encouraged excited obe****nt 2 dictation statement 12 domesticated cottage hut stimulated 3 confidence ego 12 inspired inferior humble presentation 4 soak damp 12 narration boarding lodge 5 slippery 12 cabin self-fulfillment 6 wordless 12 esteem belongings humiliate 7 12 modest topless wet humid 8 legal 12 immerse smooth tricky shifty 9 player choke breathless out of breath moist luggage parcel post 13 glassy 0 highest extreme supreme judgment justice law cunning 13 suffocate sports****n runner 1 13 baggage 2 delivery 13 ****ximum 3 13 fairness 4 judicial 13 athlete 5 6 13 roll skate glide ski drift 6 prolong stuck float ship like 13 at random by chance accidentally by accident inward-looking dynamic 7 shake traditional 13 dispense kick out cast out drive away stand divide 8 outline 13 extend spread lengthen stretch out 9 circulate distribute 14 stuffed full filled up occupied 0 14 ups and rise and fall wax and wane 1 downs 14 deliberately at length in detail to the full 2 14 preference have a liking for be fond of love 3 14 temporarily not per****nently for the time 4 being 14 negative passive inactive reserved 5 14 positive active outgoing outward 6 looking 14 shiver quake vibrate tremble 7 14 outdated stole out of fashion used 8 14 bear endure put up with tolerate 9 resist live with 15 separate saw split alienate 0 dissolve 15 sum****ry abstract gist highlight 7 1 selection choice substitution 15 alternation exclaim cry out 2 shout scream 15 yell chip 3 segment pieces portion quarrel roar originate war over debate spring from 15 fragment check stem come prevent 4 head off hinder stick to part get rid of stand up keep to conform to 15 argue resign throw out desert abandon 5 quicken 15 derive get stuck speed up hasten trap 6 deadly caught in immersed perished 15 block come up to lethal death complete 7 perform fulfill limit bar together confine condition bind 15 abide by clarify 8 cooperation combination 15 discard 9 shed light on explain give up 16 accelerate 0 16 involved 1 16 fatal 2 16 execute 3 enforce 16 restrict 4 16 conjunction 5 16 illuminate 8 6 16 mushroom spring up development emerge 7 16 have a head take the lead have an gain the upper 8 start advantage over hand 16 in debate under in question 9 consideration 17 interrupt break off cut short end pause 0 17 in that because of owing to due to as 1 17 basically on the whole in general in the ****in 2 17 abridge shorten abbreviate simplify omitted 3 for short 17 approve consent agree grant for 4 accord 17 zone region area district community swarm collect assemble 5 17 accumulate gather 6 pile up 17 startle astonish frighten shock amuse 7 stun 17 attain acquire gain fulfill reach 8 obtain come by 17 chew bite gnaw nip eat condemn scold curse 9 flame lighting flash 18 reproach blame 0 18 flame glow 9 1 dull boring send sb to monotonous 18 tedious bother annoy sleep harass 2 division trouble 18 disturb pause 3 clear border limit boundary 18 frontier complex 4 cease quit stop 18 halt 5 distinct obvious evident 18 plain 6 sophisticated complicated tough 18 intricate 7 hide conceal cover veil result conclusion elaborate consequence end 18 disguise 8 consequently hence thus so 18 findings suppose guess 9 consider ****intain discovery argue grease buy of pay off 19 thereby on the take party au****nce 0 get over recover 19 assume crowd populate 1 cure treat think 19 bribe ruin da****ge mess destroy 2 scorn 19 swarm look down upon large at 3 19 heal 4 remedy 19 wreck 5 19 despise 6 10 19 disable incompetent unable unskillful incapable 7 uncover unveil 19 leak disclose reveal data infor****tion 8 heave upgrade 19 file document papers 9 20 elevate lift raise 0 warm-hearted zealous passionate promote wholly 20 enthusiastic entirely totally thoroughly 1 20 utterly surpass exceed outgo overcome 2 tuition fare charge commission universally mistake error fault misbehavior 20 transcend figure statistics 3 fear night****re infor****tion message 20 fee 4 horror afraid pay ban forbid not allowed not permitted 20 blunder 5 fortune wealth treasure richness 20 data 6 liberate free let go leisure 20 terror 7 dismiss fright 20 prohibit 8 bar…from 20 property 9 estate 21 release 0 loose 11 211 novel fresh brand-new creative unprecedented 21 indignant furious rage anger wrath 2 income benefit 21 gains earnings profit 3 handle operate tremendous huge use perform ****rgin the same identical 21 ****nipulate figure out recognize enormous titanic 4 initial stereotype 21 immense interrupt meddle likewise equal to 5 close personal 21 equivalent production output discriminate find out 6 ache painful 21 identify pattern style original pri****ry 7 21 primitive pollute spoil interfere touch 8 odd peculiar 21 intervene perfume odor individual private 9 22 inti****te show indicate turn-outs gains 0 22 yield hurt suffered 1 22 sore form model 2 22 norm dye dirt 3 abnor****l strange smell flavor mode 22 stain point out demonstrate 4 12 22 queer 5 22 scent 6 fragrant 22 display 7 wool fabric linen fiber 22 textile 8 timid shy withdrawal reserved clothing amount sum total whole 22 cowardly 9 vary alter transfer change transform nervous willingly voluntary eager to 23 quantity on the whole 0 related to generally in all in the ****in remember volume alternately as for with relation to 23 shift suggest 1 reckon learn by heart keep in mind fall back on switch replace in turn one by one respectively 23 spontaneous on sale 2 keep at imply mean drive at 23 briefly prop up 3 hint speculate 23 concerning turn to ask…for help 4 23 memorize take the place of in place of replacement 5 23 by turns discount 30% off sell at a loss 6 23 infer insist on persist in hold out 7 point at 23 resort to 8 23 substitute 9 24 sell of 0 24 stick to 1 stick at 13 24 give of provide…with… supply…with… offer 2 24 connected tied up linked touched with 3 24 declare contend proclaim announce claim 4 24 for all despite in spite of although yet 5 in face of 24 focus on concentrate on direct…attention 6 to 24 caution warn advise remind on guard 7 24 in agreement in line with in harmony with conform with conform to 8 with in accordance 24 aim at pursue run after long for intend to 9 25 reflect consider ponder contemplate think 0 25 be blessed favored fortunate lucky privileged with 1 25 fantasy daydream i****gination empty thought ro****nce 2 fiction myth 25 suspicious doubtful skeptical dubious wonder 3 25 plunge inject invest involved immense in 4 25 deputy vice assistant help ****naging 5 25 ****gnificent glorious splendid luxurious honorable 6 25 deceive cheat take in coax 7 14 25 substantial considerable numerous tremendous 8 fix up repair 25 redecorate corridor passage ****intenance install 9 quick hasty 26 aisle pathway way 0 middle moderate 26 swift digest understand fast speedy 1 calculate number adequate abundant average ordinary prompt grasp 26 intermediate advisable wise compute get the 2 risky dangerous enough 26 comprehend energetic powerful meaning 3 advantageous helpful 26 esti****te faculty competence statistics 4 26 sufficient religious grave plentiful 5 case example sensible reasonable surplus classic traditional perilous jeopardy 26 rational active aggressive 6 favorable useful 26 hazardous power talent 7 26 vigorous serious holy 8 fact evidence 26 beneficial 9 antique conservative 27 capability 0 qualification 27 solemn 1 27 instance 2 illustration 27 conventional 15 3 credential permit allowance grant 27 license joint league 4 duration period organization linkage 27 combination 5 enlarge amplify process interval 27 phase 6 horizontal flat increase develop workable applicable session shortcomings drawbacks parallel smooth 27 wax roll spin 7 practical suitable vocation career advance victory conquest disadvantages flaws 27 level poetic line 8 whirl rotate 27 feasible common general 9 tug pull profession employment 28 defect draw win success 0 change convert rhyme poem 28 revolve tour voyage 1 ordinary usual haul tow circle 28 occupation alter revise 2 passage journey 28 triumph 3 16 28 verse 4 poetry 28 universal 5 28 drag 6 tract 28 transform 7 28 excursion 8 thrifty frugal save haste travel fast quick rapid alarm surpass exceed overtake 28 economical startle scare frighten 9 29 swift viewer spectator lookers-on listener 0 sleep doze 29 excel slumber drowse 1 kill 29 frighten skip slaughter slay assassinate 2 spring shatter jump hop shock 29 au****nce seize break crush s****sh 3 renowned 29 nap ratio catch hold clutch 4 odd famous scale well-known noted snooze eminent queer 29 murder rate 5 29 bounce strange abnor****l 6 outstanding prominent excellent leap 29 crash 7 crack 29 grasp 8 29 celebrated 9 30 proportion 0 30 peculiar 1 unusual 30 distinguished 2 17 30 smog mist fog fume haze 3 meek mild 30 gentle timid shy 4 build construct consist of constitute establish set up awkward perplex puzzle 30 erect barely hardly compose of 5 30 comprise dress blouse confuse at a loss 6 clothes 30 bewilder anxiety care seldom rarely 7 lovely pretty 30 scarcely arrest catch jeans pant 8 obvious evident wonder concern little beautiful fair 30 costume article essay seize take 9 dark obscure clear plain trousers defend protect 31 worry passion emotion thesis paper 0 311 cute unclear dim safeguard guard handsome feeling sensation 31 capture 2 get 31 distinct 3 undoubtedly 31 composition 4 report 31 gloomy 5 31 preserve 6 31 sentiment 18 7 join combine connect link 31 unite 8 land ground soil earth dirt weld love like be fond of preference 31 plateau opposite contrary against oppose 9 power force might energy quiet still silent peaceful mud 32 affection noise sound pronunciation 0 speak say 32 contradictory state tell talk 1 lane street 32 strength route pass road way 2 suffering misery 32 calm send take agony sadness 3 bring carry want wish motionless hope desire 32 tone surrender give in 4 convince persuade yield to 32 utter ****ke sb. do 5 19 narrate 32 avenue 6 path 32 distress 7 32 fetch 8 hold 32 long 9 anticipate 33 abandon 0 33 assure 1 33 avail take advantage ****ke the best of 2 of 33 argue persuade talk sb into(out reason sb. 3 of) into(out of) 33 at no time on no account by no means in no case in no 4 circumstance 33 as regards as respects in regard to in respect to in relation to 5 with regard to with respect to with relation to concerning as…go as/so far as… when it comes to be concerned 33 in any case at any rate at all events in any event at all costs 6 33 be absorbed be immersed be preoccupied be lost in 7 (with) 33 be equal to be adequate to be fit for be qualified 8 for 33 be apt at be good at be expert at be excellent in 9 34 bring about give rise to lead to result in 0 34 beyond no doubt without question no sweat no problem 1 question out of undoubtedly unquestionably question 34 pursue chase after go after run after 2 34 in view of considering that given that seeing that 3 34 in case (that) for fear that lest 4 34 on behalf of on sb’s behalf on the part of in the name of 5 34 punctually on the stroke to the moment to the minute on time 20 6 34 submit to give in to yield to surrender 7 34 consider…as regard …as conceive(of)…as look on…as think of…as… 8 view …as 34 the instant the moment that the minute that as soon as 9 that 35 try one’s best ****ke an effort take pains take the 0 trouble to do sth. 35 at intervals on …occasion from time to 1 time 35 differ with be at odds with disagree with 2 35 be be foreign to be alien to 3 incompatible with 35 be fed up with be weary of be tired of 4 35 be keen on be fond of have a liking for 5 35 lean on reckon on count on rely on depend on 6 35 hardly scarcely had… no sooner had… be about to 7 when than do…when 35 in effect in fact actually in reality 8 35 via across past through by way of 9 36 genuine actual real true authentic 0 36 vivid alive live living lively 1 36 assembly conference congress meeting rally 21 2 36 owe…to attribute… to ascribe to contribute to 3 36 at length in detail in particular at large 4 36 by reason of on account of due to owing to thanks to 5 36 back and to and fro up and down right and left 6 forth 36 diagram table chart pie chart graph 7 figures picture cartoon 36 demonstrate indicate show suggest prove slightly suddenly 8 about just over 36 dra****tically rapidly significantly 9 37 approxi****tely almost nearly 0 …or so around 37 to begin with generally first of all in the first firstly place 1 speaking first 37 in conclusion in brief in a nutshell to sum up in a word 2 briefly 37 but however yet nevertheless instead 3 on the other though rather still hand 37 but for example a case in point for instance as an example 4 as an instance take…as an example 37 undoubtedly clearly obviously evidently consequently 5 22 37 it is urgent / necessary / imperative / important / significant that 6 37 according to a(n) survey / study / finding / research / investigation / report 7 37 it is an accepted fact / widely known / widely acknowledged / it is known to us all that… 8 37 Nowadays, people are beginning to realize / be aware of / be alert to /notice / be concerned 9 about 核裂变词不达意链(中文) 1、吸引、诱惑 n 2、刺穿、插入 v 3、不便、讨厌 n 4、快活地 ad 5、聪明 a+n 6、完全、彻底地 ad 7、凝视、盯着 v 8、热心地、急于 a 9、正直的、负责的 a 10、建议、推介 v 11、全部地、纯碎地 ad 12、温和的、细微的 a 13、依我看、我认为 p 14、依靠 v 15、反对 v 16、不时地,偶尔地 ad 17、一系列、一套 p 18、职责、义务 n 19、测试 n 20、无关的 a 21、趋势、潮流 n 22、空虚的 a 23、连接、纽带 n 24、解释、说明 v 25、忠诚的 a 26、弹性的、灵活的 a 27、分类 n 28、计划、方案 n 29、贡献 n 30、光荣、名誉 n 31、承认 v 32、调控、限制 v 33、保持、维持 v 34、遭遇 v 35、****、隔断 v 36、由于 p 37、导致、引起 v 38、结果、最终 ad 39、可笑的、幽默的 a 40、原始的、粗糙的 a 41、反抗、抵制 v 42、极大地、极度地 ad 43、激发、鼓励 v 44、手迹、签字 n 45、实施、操作 v 46、交流、通讯 v 47、冲突 n 48、减少、降低 v 49、引发、导致 v 50、呆板的、笨拙的 a 51、事件、事故 n 52、永久地 ad 53、在某种程度上ad 54、从前、先于 ad 55、敌人、对手 n 56、代表、代办 n 57、解雇、开除 v 58、组装、拼装 v 59、凶猛的、强大的 a 60、会议、**** n 61、实际上、事实上 ad 62、照料、护理 v 63、爽快的、高兴 a ****、监控 v 65、驱散 v 66、出租、租借 v 67、难搞的、棘手的 a 68、轮廓 n 69、有权、可用 v 70、补偿、补助 v 71、开放的、大度的 a 72、证明、收据 n 73、警觉的、留心的 a 74、设备、仪器 n 75、烘烤 n 76、冠军、赢家 n 77、开口、裂缝 n 78、兴旺、繁荣 v 79、遭遇、面临 v 80、秘密 a 81、相关的 a 82、解释、说明 v 83、经历、体验 v 84、一堆/垛 n 85、视角、观点 n 86、指导、引导 v 87、小伙子、哥们儿 n 23 88、减少、降低 v 89、顶端、高潮 n 90、弯曲、转折处 n 91、部分、团块 n 92、击打 v 93、浏览、扫视 v 94、遮盖、面具 n 95、王国、领域 n 96、证实、确认 v 97、设施 n 98、游行 n 99、收缩、压紧 v 100、征服、战胜 v 101、后退、退缩 n 102、当地的、狭窄的 a 103、利益、好处 n 104、标记、符**** n 105、处理、解决 v 106、散练、顾问 n 107、反馈、回应 n 108、传播、普及 v 109、因此、所以 ad 110、方案、类型 n 111、记者 n 112、真空的、空当 a 113、人工的 a ****、关键的 a 115、图表 n 116、部份、份额 n 117、确保、保证 v 118、目标、终点 n 119、从事、忙于 v 120、坦率地,说真的 ad 121、提供 v 122、奉献 v+n 123、驯服的 a 124、鼓励的、激励的 a 125、发言、说法 n 126、小屋、住宿 n 127、自信 n 128、谦卑的 a 129、浸湿、潮的 a 130、光滑的、圆滑的 a 131、窒息、喘不过气来 v 132、行李包裹 n 133、最大、最高 a 134、法律、公正 a+n 135、运动员 n 136、滚动、滑动、飘 v 137、偶然 ad 138、驱逐、赶走 v 139、延长、拓展 v 140、装满、占满 v 141、兴衰、起伏 n 142、详尽地 ad 143、偏爱、喜欢 v 144、誓时地、临死地 ad 145、内向的、被动、消极 v 146、外向的、主动积极的 147、战抖、振动 v 148、过时、落伍的 a 149、****受、承受 v 150、****、离间 v 151、总结、归纳 n 152、选择 n 153、呐喊 n 154、碎片 n 155、争论、辩论 v 156、起源、发源于 v 157、阻碍 v 158、坚守、坚持 v 159、抛弃 v 160、加速 v 161、涉及、卷入 v 162、致命的 a 163、做、干、搞、弄、整 v 1****、限制、局限 v 165、联合 n 166、澄清、阐明 v 167、涌现、发展 v 168、领先一步 v 169、在争论中 n 170、打断、了结 v 171、由于、因为 ad 172、总而言之 adv 173、缩短、简略 v 174、同意 v 175、区域、区间 n 176、聚集、围扰 v 177、惊吓 v 178、获得 v 179、嚼、叨、吃 v 180、责骂 v 181、闪光、火焰 n 182、单调、乏味的 a 183、打扰、骚扰 v 184、界线 n 185、暂停 v 186、明显的 a 187、错综复杂的 a 188、伪装、隐藏 v ****、结果、发现 n 190、因此 adv 191、认为、以为 v 192、买通、贿赂 n 193、人群、观众 n 194、治愈、治疗 n 195、毁坏 n 196、嘲笑、轻视 v 197、无能的 a 198、泄露 v 199、文件、数据、资料 200、提升 1 倍 v 201、热情/心的 a 202、完全彻底地 ad 203、超越 v 204、费用 n 24 205、错误 n 206、信息、情报 n 207、恐惧 a 208、禁止 v 209、财产/富 n 210、解放 v 211、新颖的 a 212、愤慨的 a 213、收益/入 n 214、操控/搞 v 215、巨大的 a 216、同样的、相等的 a 217、认出、识得 v 218、起初的、原始的 219、干涉/预 v 220、亲密的、私人的 a 221、产量、收获 n 222、疼痛 n 223、模式、规范 n 224、污染、沾污 v 225、怪异的 a 226、味道/觉 n 227、展示/表明 v 228、质地、布料 n 229、胆怯的、怕 a 230、数量 n 231、转变、转移 v 232、自愿地 adv 233、总而言之 adv 234、关于、鉴于 adv 235、记忆/住 v 236、轮流/换 v 237、推断/测、暗示 v 238、求助、付诸 v 239、更替、替换/代 v 240、贱卖、降价 v 241、坚持、挺住 v 242、提供 v 243、连接 v 244、宣称/布/告 v 245、尽管 adv 246、聚焦/集 v 247、当心、谨慎 v 248、一致 v 249、追求/寻 v 250、思索、考虑 v 251、幸运的、有幸 a 252、幻想 n 253、怀疑的 a 254、投入/资 v 255、副的/助理的 a 256、光辉的、辉煌的 a 257、欺骗 v 258、许多的 a 259、安装、维护/修 v 260、走廊、过道 n 261、快捷的、敏捷的 n 262、平均的、中等的 n 263、领会、理解 v 2****、计算、估算 v 265、充足/裕的 a 266、明智的/理性的 a 267、危险的 a 268、强有力的、积极的 a 269、有好处的,有用的 a 270、能力/资力 n 271、庄严的、神圣的 a 272、例如/举 n 273、经典的,传统的 a 274、执照,许可证 n 275、联合、同盟 n 276、阶段 n 277、扩大、增长 v 278、水平的 a 279、可行的、适合的 a 280、缺点/不利 n 281、旋转、盘绕 v 282、职业 n 283、胜利、成功 w 284、诗行/节 n 25 285、普遍的 a 286、拖拉 v 287、转变 v 288、游历 n 289、节俭的 a 290、迅速的 a 291、超过 v 292、震憾 v 293、受众、听众 n 294、睡眠 n 295、谋杀 v 296、弹跳 v 297、粉碎 v 298、捉住、握紧 v 299、闻名的 a 300、比例/率 n 301、变态的 a 302、杰出的 a 303、烟雾 n 304、温顺的 a 305、建立/造 v 306、由……组成 v 307、迷/困惑 v 308、很少地(否定意义) 309、服装、衣裤 n 310、担心、关注 v 311、可爱、美丽的 a 312、捕获、搞到 v 313、明显的、清晰的 a 314、文章、论文 n 315、阴暗、模糊的 a 316、保存/卫 v 317、情感 n 318、团结、连接 v 319、土地、泥土 n 320、情爱、喜欢 n 321、矛盾、相反、对应 n 322、能力/能量 n 323、平静的、安详的 a 324、声调/音 n 325、说/讲/谈 v 326、道路、街 n 327、苦难、悲伤 n 328、取、拿、带 v 329、期望/待 n 330、投降 m 331、说服 v 332、充分利用 v 333、劝说 v 334、决不,根本不 v 335、有关,谈到,提及 336、无论如何,不管怎样 337、专心致志,全神贯注 338、称职的,合适的 339、擅长于,拿手 v 340、导致、带来 341、设问题,行 v 342、追逐 v 343、关于,鉴于此 v 344、万一、唯恐 v 345、代表,以……的意义 v 346、准时、正点 v 347、屈服,投降 v 348、把……看成…… v 349、立刻、马上 v 350、竭尽全力 v 351、不时 以……间隔 352、不同意 v 353、不兼容,不和 v 354、受够了 v 356、依赖,指望 v 357、刚……就…… 358、实际上 v 359、通过,经由 a 360、真正的,正宗的 a 361、鲜活的,生动的 a 362、会议 a 363、由于,归因于…… 3****、详尽地 adv 365、由于,多亏了 26 366、前后,来回,上下,左右 367、图表/表格 n 368、显明,揭示 v 369、剧烈地,重大地 370、大约,大至…… 371、首先,第一 372、结论,总之 373、然而,不过,可是 374、例如,比如 375、显然 376、重要/必要/必须+原形 377、根据……调查/研究 378、众所周知 379、意识到 27
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